With more than sixty patents and hundreds of products currently on the market, Telefonix is adept at creating solutions that are unique and tailored to each respective market.


From aerospace and medical products with complex regulatory requirements to consumer solutions that make an impression, the Telefonix team, in partnership with PDT, can make any concept come to life.


Concept development

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• Design Research

• Industrial Design

• User Experience Design



Product Engineering

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• Mechanical Engineering

• Electrical Engineering

• Software Engineering

• Production Tool Design



Telefonix is a leader in technology development for complex electrical and mechanical assemblies and the software that drives them.


Telefonix’s own product development services are greatly enriched by our strategic partnership with PDT.


A premier, award winning product design and development firm, PDT is known for its work in tightly regulated industries including medical, defense and aerospace and quick-moving spaces like consumer electronics and TeleMedicine.


Together, Telefonix and PDT have collaborated on complex LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) design and fabrication for airline infotainment systems, EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations and turnkey solutions for consumer electronics.


Prototyping is an invaluable tool in the design process. On-site modeling machines allow our designers to validate each step of the development process.  To see if a part will fit into the configuration as planned, our engineers can create a model overnight for early morning testing.  By verifying progress along the way, prototyping eliminates potential integration and installation problems down the line and expedites the design process.


Precision crafted representations of your design validate all aspects of functionality and aesthetics prior to production.


PDT then assembles, tests and ships the prototype directly to you.

Idea Prototyping

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• Fully Functional Working Prototypes

• Proof-of-Concept

• Appearance Models

• Iterative Mechanical Refinement

• RTV Molding

• Objet Polyjet 3D Print

• Color and Material Matching

• High-Speed CNC Machining



Testing and Certification

Cord Reel Testing

Understanding that customer use of our cord reel technology can be unique, every cord reel design is validated utilizing both mechanical and human interface testing that is designed to simulate actual use.


Environmental Compliance Testing

Telefonix operates under an ISO14000 environmental compliance system and is dedicated to implementation of environmental compliance programs for our customers. Telefonix has unique processes in place to ensure material compliance within our supply base and validates material compliance during both development and product lifecycle management, utilizing our XRF scanning equipment. Whatever your requirement, RoHS, REACH, Conflict-Mineral compliance or some other requirement, we are prepared to support your needs.


At Telefonix, we have long recognized that to be a true partner means being there every step of the way. To that end, we continue to grow capability sets aimed at ensuring that products are tested and verified throughout the development life cycle. Depending on the product being delivered, the type of testing and timing will vary, but what never changes is the company’s commitment to excellence.


Whether your program calls for engineering validation testing, environmental compliance testing, UL or CE certification, FAA, EASA or OEM Certification or FDA testing, our team is ready to lead the effort. From test fixture and setup design to documentation and test execution, we have experienced staff members ready to work with you to achieve success.


Aerospace Documentation and Certification Services

We have a fully staffed team of documentation specialists ready to help with Qualification Test Plans, Qualification Test Reports, Flammability Statements, Component Maintenance, Aircraft Maintenance Manuals or anything else you might need.


Telefonix is an AS 9100, ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified manufacturer, with employees trained in Lean, Six Sigma, and 5S. With our primary design resources and production facilities co-located at the company's headquarters in Waukegan, Illinois, design and industrial engineers have the benefit of working side-by-side to ensure not just cutting-edge design but design for manufacturability. Every project begins with a comprehensive plan and early involvement with operations. We track all stages and gates of manufacturing to maintain target delivery dates.


Strategic sourcing through our network of partners allows us to work around embargo and short-term raw material gaps to maintain the precise delivery control our customers demand.

Manufacturing and Assembly

Our continuous improvement and ongoing training efforts keep assembly performance efficient and ensure Telefonix has quality-focused assembly talent at all times.


While all Telefonix products for regulated industries are manufactured at our headquarters, for larger volume programs, we have a trusted network of partners in Asia that can be called upon.


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